Don scares Indians off US campuses

The news is from the Economic Times, Mumbai Nov 18, 2016.
The US is in turmoil, there are not enough jobs. Their government has been steadily reducing the work visa to international students.
This is called called the H1-B Visa Donald Trump’s victory has further spooked the markets severely. He has openly declared an “anti foreigners” policy. Which means you not only pay a inflated high cost of the US degree, it is very uncertain whether you will get a work visa after graduating.That leaves us with the question; Are there better higher education opportunities for students from India?

Now a world class management degree from Germany at Indian fees. JAM CAMPUS ABROAD brings you a wide spectrum of Universities and courses that are available to you. All of us want to invest wisely in a foreign education, a brilliant future, a great global career, respect as a professional skilled worker.

10 reasons to consider a Masters from Germany, Netherlands.
Germany and Netherlands are among largest destination for international students globally.
Last year 25,000 Indian students joined German universities
Top ranked Private universities offer the best courses in English
All universities must adhere to very strict education standards.
Germany and Netherlands offer an open and nurturing environment for Indian students.
An unmatched global exposure – a semester abroad in a partner University is a standard feature.
Course credits awarded in Europe are recognised all over the world.
German, Dutch visa and employment policy offers employment to its international students.
This is unmatched by any other country including the UK and US.
Affordable cost of education Merit scholarships, part time work.

Cost of education
A Masters degree in Management form a top rated German University may cost you Euros 16000 to 24000 (INR 10.25 lakhs to 15.75 lakhs) for the entire course in tuition fee. It costs 650 per month in living expenses in Germany.
Liberal scholarships are available for merit students
Semester abroad – even in the US or UK.
Our Masters courses offer one abroad semester in the 2nd year of post graduation.
You may finish your Masters from any of the partner Universities in US, UK or Europe, Asia.

Dual degree from US University.
US Universities also award a dual degree to students from Germany. So you can get a degree from Germany as well as from the US.

Jobs in Germany Europe and worldwide
Germany has the third largest economy in the world. The entire European Union allows its post grad students to work any where in the EU.
UK,US do not offer such vast employment opportunities.
A Blue Card enables you to stay on for 18 months after post graduation. As an international student you are highly respected for your skills, hard work and merit.

Placement and salaries after graduating
A masters in management can get jobs with Global corporations with salaries starting Euro 40000/- going up to Euro 55000/- p.a
90% of the Masters students get placed from campus or in the first 3 months.

Important admission details
German Universities accept students from the top Universities in India, a Bachelors degree in the relevant field as qualification.
Each University conducts its admission interview.
Some do accept the GMAT score.
Germany does not require IELTS from students who have given their exams in the English medium.
Apply to top Universities in Germany. International School of Management, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Ranked among the best in Europe.

World renowned 18 months masters programmes taught in English
Masters in Business Administration,
Masters in International Business.
Masters in Finance
Maters in Real Estate Management
Masters in Automotive Management
Masters in media studies
No German language skills required for admission.

Admissions for academic year beginning October, 2017
Winter Semester begins: October, 2017.
Admission deadline is January 15, 2016 for and early decision.

Admission requirements
Graduate degree in the academic year 2015-16 from a recognised Indian University.
Candidate should have an impressive resume and strong desire to pursue higher education.
Good communication skills, team work,
An assessment test and interview that is done online.
Masters Courses require 3 months work experience before Sept 30 2016.
To get into the the world class German education system, candidates must possess strong motivation and also express it in the interview.

Prepare and attach your resume in two pages,
Statement of Purpose in one page.
Scanned Mark sheets of Class 10th, 12th and Graduation years..


Contact +91-22-27842191/+919619719877 for course details, admission requirements, fees and visa.
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