64 defunct colleges and institutes in Australia

The website of the High Commission of Australia in India – www.hcindia-au.org has listed the following colleges that have closed down. Please visit the page on Guidelines for Studying in Australia.

We quote: As a result, over 64 colleges and vocational institutions closed down during 2009-2010 affecting over 7000 Indian students, most of them in the States of Victoria and New South Wales. It may therefore be worthwhile to consider studying only at the higher end institutions and the government-run TAFEs which offer vocational and skill-specific training.

JAM went through the list and we found that several colleges mentioned in the list still have their websites and face book pages running. They do not show the institute as having shut down.


1. Wesley Vocational Institute, Wesley Mission, New South Wales
2. Australia Trade Training, Gold Coast, Queensland
3. Melbourne International College Melbourne, Victoria
4. Sterling College Pty Ltd. Sydney,NSW
5. Sterling College Pty Ltd. Queensland
6. Totally Indigo Hair Dressing & Beauty College Dandenong,Victoria
7. Training First, Victoria
8. St. George Institute of Professionals/St. George Enterprises Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria
9. Meridian International School (GCM Group), Sydney, NSW
10. Meridian International Hotel School, Sydney, NSW
11. International Design School, Sydney, NSW
12. Meridian College, Sydney, NSW
13. Meridian International School, Melbourne,  Victoria
14. International College of Creative Arts, Melbourne, Victoria
15. Meridian International Hotel School, Melbourne Victoria
16. International Design School Melbourne Victoria
17. Sydney Flight Training Centre /Corporate Aviation Services, Sydney,New South Wales
18. Australian Institute of Career Education, Melbourne, Victoria
19. Australian International College of Commerce, Melbourne, Victoria
20. Sydney Business Institute, Sydney,New South Wales
21. Spark Hairdressing Academy/Academy Management Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Queensland
22. Australian Institute for Higher Studies, Adelaide(South Australia)
23. Trainedge, Dandenong (Victoria)
24. GEOS Melbourne Pty Ltd., Melbourne, (Victoria)
25. GEOS Sydney Pty Ltd, Sydney, (NSW)
26. GEOS Adelaide Pty Ltd, Adelaide(South Australia)
27. GEOS Cairns Pty Ltd Cairns (Queensland)
28. GEOS Gold Coast Pty Ltd Gold Coast (Queensland)
29. GEOS Brisbane Pty Ltd, Brisbane(Queensland)
30. GEOS Perth Pty Ltd, Perth, WA
31. Edge Academy, Sydney, NSW
32. Aerospace Aviation School, Bankstown, NSW
33. Australian Institute of Further Education (Austech), Ashfield NSW
34. Proflite Training Centrel, NSW
35. Air Australia, Western Australia
36. LKJ Beauty College and Salons, NSW
37. Sydney Aviation College, Sydney NSW
38. Layas Institute Melbourne, Melbourne Victoria
39. Kingston International College, Western Australia
40. Sunset Coast International English School, Western Australia
41. Australian Academy of Hospitality Management, Western Australia
42. Australian International Hair Academy, NSW
43. Amtech Institute of Management and Technology, NSW
44. Matrix English, Victoria
45. Australian Institute of Business and Trade Studies, South Australia
46. Institute for Design Entertainment and the Arts (IDEA), Victoria
47. Manchester College, Victoria
48. MyEnglish, Queensland
49. Kaizen Global College, South Australia
50. HHH International College, Queensland
51. Coastjet Pty. Ltd., NSW
52. Australian Academy of Sport and Fitness, NSW
53. The Strand College of Beauty, The International Hairdressing College of Australasia, NSW
54. AIS The International School Pty. Ltd., NSW
55. Maewill English College, NSW
56.International College of Cosmetic Technology, South Australia
57. Perth Institute Western Australia Pty. Ltd., Western Australia
58.Kelly College Pty.Ltd., Queensland
59. Flight Training Australia Pty. Ltd., Queensland
60. Adelaide Pacific International College Pty. Ltd., South Australia
61. Swan Hill International College, Victoria
62. Sydney Hair Design College Pty. Ltd., NSW
63. Victorian International College, Victoria
64. Uniworld High School, NSW

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